I'm Having Morbid Thoughts

HenrySpecial delivery! A Murder of Crows is a tribute and fanlisting to Henry from Fire Emblem: Awakening, easily my favorite game on the 3DS. I love Henry. Why? Be-caws. Okay, I'll stop. Henry is funny, fun to use in the game, and incredibly fascinating. Behind his sarcasm and smile is someone afraid to show emotion, someone obssessed with life just as much as he is obsessed with death, and someone who would kill an ally to prove loyalty to another. Trying to make sense of Henry is almost as crazy as he is, but I had a lot of fun trying, and I hope that by the time you're done reading this site, you'll understand and appreciate him a little better.

Navigation is above. If you haven't played Fire Emblem: Awakening, you definitely should. The Awakening section will introduce you to the game, and the Henry section will introduce you to the craziness that is Henry, but I wouldn't venture past those pages if you want to avoid spoilers.

If you are a fan of Henry, check out the fanlisting section and join the list of fans! You do not have to have a website to join, just an appreciation for this awesome character. Let's show Henry the love he deserves!

Thanks for visting! Enjoy your stay.

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