Henry has a unique connection to living things. When he is first introduced, he is hidden among a murder of crows. He has a natural affinity toward them, and is somehow able to communicate with them, and get them to do his bidding. Tharja says that Henry is well-known, and that he is guarded by fierce crows, allowing very few to see him. Does he have a special gift, or is his ability to control crows part of his magic?

Henry didn't have the best childhood. In several of his Supports, Henry discusses being abandoned by his parents and not having friends. He got close to animals and nature out of necessity. Not only do I think he needed them and used them to survive, but I think he needed them for companionship. Since he didn't get the friendship, attention, and love he needed from the humans in his life, I think he got those things from animals. We know he obviously communicates with crows, but I think it goes further than that. I think Henry can communicate with any animal.

In Cherche's support, Henry discusses a big wolf that became his best friend. His parents ignored him for a long time, so the wolf became his family. Once, when it came to visit him, it was shot full of arrows and died. Henry avenged the wolf by killing the people who killed it. He gets attached to Minerva, Cherche's wyvern, because Minerva reminds him of his wolf friend. I think Henry feels comfortable getting close to Cherche because of her connection with Minerva.

Panne in Taguel Form Henry discusses the animals from his childhood with two more Shepherds: Nowi and Panne. I think he felt connected with them and decided to share his stories with them because they have a connection to animals as well, and could relate to him. Nowi can transform into a dragon. Panne is a taguel, which is basically a large rabbit. Henry tells Panne that he enjoys being around her because of her smell; it reminds him of the animals he befriended as a child.

Henry: My parents abandoned me in the woods when I was little. So it was mostly the nice animals there who raised me. I still love their smell. It relaxes me in a totally nostalgic sort of way.

Panne comments that Henry also has feral smell, and she finds his scent acceptable.

In his support conversation with Maribelle, it is revealed that Henry can communicate with any living thing, not just animals. He talks to a flower to make Maribelle feel strong.

Henry: I'm not feigning anything. I'm just really in touch with the natural world. I can talk to any living thing you want. Trees. Flowers. Maggots. Ooooooh... Maaaggots...

Henry says that his magic comes from his "pure heart." I don't doubt that Henry has a pure heart, as I discussed in the Psychopath section of this site that I think Henry just lacks morals, and has a hard time telling right from wrong.

Henry is overall very animal-like himself. Panne even finds herself encouraging Henry to be more human. It's no surprise, Henry tells Panne he wishes he was an animal.