Supports are one of my favorite parts of the game. With Supports, characters form bonds, which make them more likely to assist each other in battle. You can choose which characters you would like to form bonds, and can even marry off characters by taking them through their S-rank Supports.

Henry is able to have C, B, A, and romantic S Supports with Lissa, Sully, Miriel, Sumia, Maribelle, Panne, Cordelia, Cherche, Olivia, Nowi, Tharja, and the female Avatar. He can have friendship C, B, and A Supports with Ricken, Frederick, and the male Avatar. Additionally, he can have father-son or father-daughter C, B, and A Supports with any of the second generation characters except for Lucina. These supports provide character development, delving into Henry's past and providing a closer look at his personality through interaction with other characters.


Henry is actually a very eligible bachelor for a lot of the female characters. He will pass on an excellent Magic boost for his son or daughter, and will give them access to Sorcerer, which in my opinion is the best magic class in the game. I have Henry marry Maribelle so that Brady can wreck face, but he makes a decent husband for Lissa, Tharja, and Miriel as well. He can marry some of the more physical characters like Sully and Sumia, but I feel like you would be wasting the magic potential of his offspring.

Important Supports

MaribelleMaribelle - In Maribelle's Support, we learn that Henry can communicate with any living thing, even plants. Henry speaks to a flower, and lets Maribelle know that the flower will try to remain strong if Maribelle does. The flower ends up dying, and Maribelle becomes obsessed with how fragile life is. Henry is not afraid of death, as he sees it as something that will happen to everyone. He sees no reason to fret it.

PannePanne - Panne's Support focuses mostly on Henry's humanity, or well, lack thereof. Panne goes from hating all humans, to realizing not all are bad when Henry offers to kill the Shepherds. Henry discusses his abandonment as a child at length with Panne, and reflects on his history with animals. Panne actually tells Henry that she will not abandon him, and encourages him to be more human. This Support is one of my favorites, because I feel like Panne and Henry make each other more human, oddly enough.

NowiNowi - Henry and Nowi discuss how alone they feel. Henry goes into his abandonment history with Nowi, and she talks about how similar they are. Henry offers to make Nowi a dragon friend, and produces a hologram much to her chagrin. This Support is actually kind of sweet, or maybe perverted, as the two decide to make Manakete babies if you attain their S-Rank so that Nowi will have dragons to play with. This Support is an example of how sweet and caring Henry can be.

ChercheCherche - Cherche and Henry's Support focuses mostly on Minerva, Cherche's wyvern, and Henry's connection with her. Cherche loves that Henry is so attached to Minerva, but decides he needs to become friends with humans, and distances Henry from Minerva so that she can get close to him herself. She picks up on his hollow laugh and wonders if he can even have a true friend.

OliviaOlivia - Olivia is a dancer, so she is used to performing. In her Support with Henry, she calls Henry out on his fake smile and wants to see some real emotion out of him. Henry discusses his history at the institution and the pain he went through. Olivia deduces that Henry's smile is a mask to cover the pain and anger Henry must feel. Olivia has a death scare, and Henry shows actual, real emotion when he cries in fear of losing her.

TharjaTharja - Tharja and Henry are both from Plegia, so Tharja has heard of Henry's power. Tharja's Support with Henry reveals a lot about him: how strong his powers really are, and how sincere and honest Henry is.

RickenRicken - Ricken's Support focuses on Henry's loyalty. They discuss Plegians that the Shepherds have killed, and surprisingly Henry knew great many of them. Henry reveals that he had no friendship with them, though, and wasn't sad about their deaths. He admitted that he would be sad if Ricken died, and that he would avenge Ricken's death.