Henry In Chapter 13, Henry enters the game, hidden among a murder of crows. Chrom is less than amused by him, even considering killing Henry to shut him up, but that's okay; Henry is plenty amused by himself. He informs Chrom that the crows say he is trapped, and offers to fight risen alongside the Ylissians. Because Henry is garbed in Plegian dark mage robes, Chrom is hesitant and asks why Henry wants to help them. Henry's response sets the tone for his character:

I've got kind of a thing for killing.

Along with a love of war, Henry is a huge animal lover. He is able to communicate with them, and in many ways, he holds them in higher regard than people. After being abandoned in the woods, Henry was able to survive because of animals. It is likely there that he grew his affinity for them.

Henry smiles. Henry always has a smile on his face, and is incredibly sarcastic. It's hard for others to take him seriously. Some of the female Shepherds are able to see right through him, though, and attempt to unmask the real Henry. Many of his deep-rooted emotional issues come from his childhood, where he was neglected and abandoned by his parents.

Before joining the Shepherds, Henry was a legend in Plegia.

Tharja: When I still fought for Plegia, we heard all sorts of stories about you.A silver-haired youth with a knowledge of curses and an extraordinary gift for magic. A man guarded by fierce crows so that very few had seen the true extent of his powers.

Henry is voiced by Akemi Okamura in the Japanese version of the game, and Bryce Papenbrook in the English version. Funny enough, Bryce Papenbrook voiced another one of my favorite characters: Tiz in Bravely Default.