Henry has psychopathic qualities that make one really wonder about his true nature. He loves blood, he has no qualms about killing anyone, he loves war, he dreams of dying the bloodiest death possible, he wears a fake smile, and he joined Chrom's army because they were the underdogs, and he did not want to "waste a perfectly fun war." Henry is crazy, right? Maybe.

When Henry was young, wanting to be rid of him, his parents sent him off to an institution. In the Japanese version, the institution was an orphanage. In the North American release, it was a magic school. There, Henry was made to do difficult and cruel experiments, and was given cruel punishments that caused him great pain. As a result, he has a hard time feeling pain. I think that his obsession with blood may stem from that. Thriving the sight of blood could be his substitution for feeling pain, which he is incapable.

I think a lot of Henry's traits stem from his abandonment as a child, and his parents' neglect. I covered his fake smile and inability to show emotion in the Emotion section of this website.

As for his part in the war, it is revealed in Panne's Support that Henry was the one who told her about an attempt on the Exalt's life. This allowed her to go to Chrom and the Shepherds, and to prevent Emmeryn's assassination. Henry explains Ylisse was weak, and had the Exalt been assassinated, the war would have been over in a week. He didn't think that would be fun.

It's unclear what Henry's true intentions for entering the war and remaining in it are. He tells Chrom he is willing to fight with them because he has a thing for killing. It's implied that he continues fighting because he loves war. That is probably true. I'm willing to venture to say that Henry desires a purpose, though; he wants to feel needed. He was cast aside and unwanted all of his life. He might have joined the Ylissians because they were the underdogs and needed him. He then formed strong bonds with other Shepherds, and they might have become his reason for fighting. The way he shows others he cares for them is peculiar, however.

Maribelle: I declare, Henry, you have the strangest ways of putting people's minds at ease.

He is willing to hurt others to prove his love and loyalty to a friend. As evil as his actions are, he has good intent behind them. This leaves me to believe that Henry is not truly evil or psychotic. I think that Henry just has no sense of morality. He doesn't understand what is moral or immoral, and just tries to please others, to gain their acceptance. Luckily for him, he has Panne, Cherche, Olivia, and others who try to help him feel some humanity. I think because they are so strong-willed, and because Henry loves them and feels an attachment and loyalty to them, they will eventually succeed with Henry. In their Supports, they definitely bring out Henry's best traits, revealing a strange, but caring, loving, and feeling individual.