While some other characters best Henry in stats, he has access to a variety of classes and skills, making him extremely versatile and fun. Is he the best Dark Mage or Sorcerer in the game? No, but his versatility can make him more of an asset than the characters who are. Here is how I use Henry.

I focus on making him a strong support character with high mobility, and the ability to heal himself without wasting turns or items. The skills I like Henry to go for are Lifetaker, Lethality, Pass, Tomebreaker, and Limit Breaker. To get these, and to cap Henry's stats as effectively as possible, I take him through his starting class, Dark Mage to Level 20, promote him to Dark Knight and take him to Level 15 to acquire Lifetaker, reclass him to Assassin and take him to Level 15 to acquire Lethality and Pass, and then reclass him to Sorcerer, where I keep him the rest of the game. Sorcerer is by far his best class, but surprisingly enough, he also makes a great physical support character, so leaving him an Assassin, or making him a Beserker are good choices as well. I just personally prefer Sorcerer, as it is the only class with access to the most devastating magic in the game.

Dark Knight is an excellent first promotion for Henry for many reasons, the main of which is access to Lifetaker, an amazing skill not just for him, but for any character. Lifetaker heals a character by 50% after killing an enemy. Since his defense is less than par, this is a great skill for Henry, especially when he is off by himself away from other characters. I like to pass this skill on to Henry's child. The Dark Knight class uses physical weapons, which conveniently sets Henry up for the next class I like to take him through, Assassin.

Assassin is actually a decent class for Henry. His strength isn't bad, and since I use the same weapons in the Dark Knight class, Henry's weapon level is higher, making his attacks more effective. Both Assassin skills, Lethality and Pass, are important for my Henry build. Lethality is an awesome skill that ignores an enemy's defense and health, and allows a character to instantly kill him. Pass allows Henry to move through an enemy's spot on the battlefield, making him more mobile.

By the time I get him to Sorcerer, Henry is more mobile, is able to heal himself, and can instantly kill tough enemies. Sorcerer gives Henry access to Tomebreaker, a skill that increases his Hit Rate and Evasion by 50%. Since many of the better magic tomes have a chance to miss, this is a great skill for Henry. The Evasion boost helps his defense as well.

The last skill I get, Limit Breaker, is only available through an item in DLC. If you purchase the DLC, I highly recommend using the item on Henry. It raises his stat caps by 10, which is huge. Like I said before, Henry has sub-par stats; he greatly benefits from the Limit Breaker skill.

Many fans will argue that Henry should be benched, as other characters have higher stat caps and better skills. I'm not going to argue with them. Henry is definitely not the best character in the game. He is a lot of fun, though, and using his strengths to make up for his weaknesses, like I do in my Henry build, he definitely is not bad, and can even be an asset.